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Michonne [The Walking Dead]
08 July 2012 @ 03:19 pm
Nat's smirk joined hers. She reached between them, catching Michonne's nipples to tease at them. Clint was very sure of himself (and very good). Soft, though ... it did things.

Michonne ducks her head to let her lips drag across Natasha's neck, then her fingers unhook her bra, letting it drop.

Soft is right. Soft is perfect.
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Michonne [The Walking Dead]
15 May 2012 @ 10:26 am
(continued from here)

Michonne gasps softly, eyes closing partway. "Like you can't wait to take the damn thing right back off."
Michonne [The Walking Dead]
It's become a regular thing for Michonne to sleep near Daryl now. They fuck, she moves next to him, and then she falls asleep with her head close to him. Sometimes on his shoulder. It's a weird thing, not a thing that she necessarily hates. Not a thing she's wanting to be more. It just...is. She has no idea how he feels about it, but a part of her is starting to want him to live. They're wallowing. She's never done that before, save for a week after she chopped off Mike's arms and she didn't know what the hell else to do.

This morning when she wakes up, she goes to do her business, happens to look down, and curses. Fuck being a woman sometimes, she hates it. And now she's seriously wondering why the hell she's out here living in the goddamn woods when she can walk to a store, buy some tampons, and be fine. Ripping the sleeve off of her shirt, she folds it in half and uses it as a make shift pad, then walks back to camp and changes shirts, putting on her spare. She has blood on the side of one hand and starts washing it off with water out of the booze bottle.
Michonne [The Walking Dead]
20 March 2012 @ 10:58 pm
In the past, when Michonne looked at water, she thought of relaxing. Of endless weightlessness and nothing to pull her down.

Now when she looks at the water, she can't help but wonder if heading toward the coast and finding a house boat wouldn't keep her from having to worry about walkers. She has no idea if they can swim, but it seems like a good idea in theory. There have to be a good number if islands that aren't populated. She could find one and only have to head back to main land to scavenge for goods, unless she can manage to plant vegetables and find fishing supplies. She'd have to learn to love things that grew in the ground.

But really, it's just idle thinking as she waits on Daryl. She hasn't been to his camp since the first night they met, except for just before sundown, to see if he still wanted to do this ocean thing. She hasn't spent a full night at the hotel yet, either. His words, that it's walker bait, are still ringing in her ears. These people in this village don't understand how fast it hits. Eight hours. Eight hours was all it took from the time she went to work, to the time she tried to make it home, avoiding the attacks on the street. Her neighborhood went under in less than a day, and in a village like this - highly populated and everyone in one place - it'd probably take half that time.

She hears Daryl behind her before she sees him, and she speaks. "Don't know what meeting Andrea means for me, but I'm thinking...boats. Water. An island."
Michonne [The Walking Dead]
15 March 2012 @ 11:48 am
Not here.