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Michonne [The Walking Dead]
9 December
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· Michonne ·

Name: Michonne
Age: 28
Occupation: Before the world ended, was a civil lawyer. In the village she's an advocate.
Physical Appearance: Tall and fit, shoulder-length dark brown hair that is sometimes braided. Dark brown eyes, dark skin.
Brief Bio: Back when things were good, Michonne was just about to get engaged to her boyfriend of three years, Mike. She landed a great job at a law firm and life was going to be perfect. Until the dead started coming back to life. Michonne's boyfriend and his best friend were both bit, and rather than kill them outright, she hacked off their arms and jaws, leashed them to chains, and used their smell of decay to ward off other walkers. She'd never been a fighter before. She learned quickly.

· hearts & minds ·

She arrived in Haurvatat just after rescuing Andrea and found relative comfort in knowing Daryl Dixon, whom she'd observed in the woods near Herschel's farm. Together, they care for Sophia.

· disclaimer ·

I am not affiliated with AMC, The Walking Dead, Rob Kirkman, Glen Mazarra or Rutina Wesley in any way. This is for role play purposes only. And yes, I know that Michonne has been cast by a different actress, however Danai Gurira has yet to appear on screen.

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